Features Designed to
Supercharge Learning & Engagement

ShareLook is a virtual conferencing system that integrates live video with an advanced course builder, user tracking, live assessment, and a cloud-based platform for saving and managing organizational knowledge.

Live Conferencing

Live Conferencing is a central part of ShareLook’s total learning solution. With excellent quality and parallel chatting, conferencing with ShareLook is not only simple and effective, it enhances the power of the total system by allowing your team to collaborate directly in one space.

ShareLook also allows you to schedule Live Broadcasts and Webinars from your mobile device and create short sessions where you can teach and demonstrate on-the-job training across multiple locations.

Build Content

ShareLook’s Advanced Course Builder allows you to easily add images from a media bank, use ready-made templates, access advanced text-to-speech functionality to build voiceover into the lesson, and add video from our library or from your own past live events.

Save, Search & Share

When you work with multiple other platforms, knowledge and data inevitably get lost, and there is no option to create and save live events into an easy to use management platform.

 If you want to create, save, share, search for, and sell your live events – ShareLook is the answer.

Global Access

ShareLook is designed to be used by a global workforce. The operating language of the platform can be changed between more than 30 of the world’s most popular languages, including English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, and Portuguese. 

Need to add voiceover to your video or online course? ShareLook incorporates advanced text-to-lifelike-voice functionality, with more than 400 voices to use in 50 over different languages.


Not only can you save and share your video events – you can monetize your video content using ShareLook Marketplace.

ShareLook Marketplace is designed to monetize parts of your organizational knowledge. If you wish to share (and sell) generic content that you’ve already developed in your organization, ShareLook is here to convert your cost center into a profit center. Please contact us to learn more.

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