Mr. Raanan Nedivi, the CEO of ShareLook PTE LTD, is one of the pioneers in multimedia based e-learning and mobile learning. While being enrolled as a Ph.D student in biochemistry, he saw a great demand for multimedia based education and started producing a various training and interactive video for corporate clients and institutions like Intel, Israeli Ministry of Security, Motorola etc He set up 3 View Group in 2000 to expand the multimedia based Learning onto the Internet and other new media platforms. Specialized in content, application and solution development for e-learning and blended learning, he and 3 View Group have been working with MNCs like DHL, T-Mobile, Boeing, Master Card and Shell as clients or partners regionally and globally. His reputation as an innovative and trusted e-learning pioneer with many successful projects to his credit has lead to existing clients referring his expertise to other companies.

Amazon-certified Solution Architect Professional and buzzword cynic. love efficiency, value-added innovation, risk mitigation, writing, user experience and managing expectations, and have been doing this since 2003. Past projects include a mix of funded startups and enterprise. At Sharelook Thomas responsible for user experience. This includes UI design, ShareLook scalable platform architecture, the user-validated roadmap of features and rapid prototyping new concepts to pilot with real users.

Mrs. Pnina Eytan is a high-level manager and entrepreneur experienced in supporting transactions, investments, and joint ventures between Foreign and Singaporean companies and family offices. Pnina is an entrepreneur with vast experience and proven track record in leading international businesses to growth and revenues and was co-founder of several startups. Previously, Pnina was an Executive in the Amdocs Group Of Companies, and in her final position served as Head of the Global Software Alliances of the Group.

Team leader for ShareLook Company. Esther participate in, and oversee the development of all ShareLook courses from storyboarding to production and development. Esther also responsible for audit and quality assurance for all courses in the ShareLook app.

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